Our Story

To preserve and promote the Tibetan Art and Culture

The search for Shangrila introduced Tibet to the world where Buddhism was and is the main driving force of existence. It was this influence which was clearly depicted in the Art and culture of the Tibet that brought harmony not only to the people of Tibet but also to the other nations in the recent days by its influence and spread.

Tibetan furniture mostly were based on themes of Buddhism and its symbolisms that lead to the happiness and prosperity of the human kinds throughout Tibet and the surrounding regions. It is Tibet Decors endeavor to preserve and promote the Tibetan Art and Culture among the Collectors and patrons of Tibetan artifacts.

Tibet Décor presents beautiful and genuine collections of Furniture though mainly from Tibet some pieces are from Bhutan and Nepal provenance. Tibetan furniture have always been rare and unique for the Oriental Art and Antique collectors due to their limited production in the history of time. The majority of the collections were originally retained in the Tibetan Monasteries and also from the Tibetan Houses for hundreds of years.

Tibet décor offers the nest and authentic Tibetan Furniture ie. Cabinets, Chests (Gaum), Tables (Chogtze), Door Panels & Door Sets and Pillar Sets. Each collection are self reflecting about the richness of tradition, culture and nature of the origin and each piece has been carefully selected to ensure the finest quality and utmost care is taken to preserve its antiquity and originality. The collections date from 18th century till the 20th century.